User Terms And Conditions

Use of the website https://doccocuukiem.cmn.vn/trang-chu and the applications offered by CMN ONLINE imply acceptance of the following general terms and conditions:
1. Acceptance and availability of the User Terms and Conditions
By accepting the terms outlined in this document, you declare:
A) That you are of legal age and are authorized to contract (if you are a minor, you must obtain authorization from your parents or legal guardian, holding CMN ONLINE.  harmless from any responsibility ensuing as a result of the user not complying with this condition.
B) That you have read and accept the present User Terms and Conditions.
These general terms and conditions regulate the use of the services that the company CMN ONLINE. (hereinafter “ĐỘC CÔ CỬU KIẾM"), offers the users of the website www.cmn.com.vn
The use of the Services confers the condition of user (hereinafter, “the User”) and implies acceptance of the User Terms and Conditions as published by CMN ONLINE. in their most recent version on the Website at the time that the User accesses said Website. This document may be printed and stored by the Users.
CMN ONLINE. reserves the right to modify the presentation, configuration and content of the Services, as well as the conditions required for their use. By modifying the User Terms and Conditions presented on the Website https://doccocuukiem.cmn.vn/trang-chu , it is understood that said duty to provide notification has been satisfied.
CMN ONLINE, provides users with the e-mail address hotro@cmn.vn so that they may ask any questions they may have regarding the User Terms and Conditions.
2. Applicable law and jurisdiction.
These general terms and conditions are governed by Vietnamese Law, with the Vietnam courts and tribunals having jurisdiction to hear any matters that may arise with regard to the interpretation, application and compliance with said terms and conditions. By virtue of accepting the general terms and conditions outlined in this legal disclaimer, the user expressly waives any jurisdiction to which he or she may otherwise be entitled by application of the current Vietnamese Code of Civil Procedure.
3.- Description of the content and the services
www.cmn.com.vn is a website having as its basic purpose to inform about and promote the company CMN ONLINE
4. Services and payment contents about our applications on third-party websites:
Some services and content of the applications developed by CMN ONLINE. on the websites managed by our partners (Facebook, for example) require payment. To that end, the billing, account maintenance, customer service and other support functions shall be carried out by our partner’s billing service provider and not by CMN ONLINE  In this manner, when you contract these services or content, you must accept the contracting terms and conditions proposed by the billing service provider, including its pricing policy and payment system (in the case of Facebook, you can view them at the link www.facebook.com/payments_terms/, as well as their privacy policy – which you already accept when you register on this social network -, and these will be added to the user terms and conditions. You will be able to identify the invoice service provider in the process of purchasing services or content, albeit CMN ONLINE. reserves the right to change suppliers in the future.
In any case, as explained in point 1 of the present User Terms and Conditions, the capacity for purchasing these services and content is limited to persons of legal age or to persons over the age of 10 years old who have authorization from their parents or legal guardian.
5. User responsibility
Good use of the service: The USER is obligated to make good use of the service, and therefore, not use it in bad faith for any practice that is prohibited by law or incompatible with commercial uses. CMN ONLINE, has the power, by means of these User Terms and Conditions, as soon as it has reliable knowledge that the USER has committed any act or is making any illegal use in general, to inform the relevant authorities of these circumstances and to unregister the USER or restrict his or her access from the CMN ONLINE website. The USER shall be the only one responsible for any claim or legal action, whether in court or out of court, initiated by third parties who have been damaged directly by the USER before the courts or other bodies and, in such a case, the USER shall assume all of the expenses, costs and indemnifications that CMN ONLINE  may assume if the claim is made against it. In addition, CMN ONLINE shall collaborate and notify the relevant authority of these incidents as soon as it has reliable knowledge that the damage caused constitutes any type of illegal activity, especially as it regards content introduced by the USER that may infringe on the rights and legitimate interests of CMN ONLINE or of third parties.
Due diligence: The USER shall be responsible for taking all of the actions required of it with due diligence. In particular, the USER must exercise diligence as it refers to the updating and accuracy of its personal data, in particular the email indicated in the purchase as the primary means of contact with CMN ONLINE
6. Use of the service and liabilities
CMN ONLINE. shall not be held liable for the content of the links to other Web pages of third parties and, therefore, over which it has no control.
Errors in the connections, unforeseeable circumstances and force majeure: CMN ONLINE., shall not be liable for the errors, delays in access, delays in the system or any anomaly that may arise in regards to problems of a general nature on the Internet, causes of an unforeseeable nature or force majeure, or any other contingency that is completely unpredictable and, thus, has nothing to do with the good faith of the company. CMN ONLINE., undertakes to try to resolve these incidences by employing all means available and offering all of the support necessary to the USER to try to solve the incidents in the fastest and most satisfactory manner possible. In addition, CMN ONLINE. shall not be responsible for the failures that may occur as a result of these incidents in the communications, elimination or incomplete transmissions, such that it does not guarantee that the website is always operative when it is due to issues attributable to CMN ONLINE. which said company cannot resolve with the means at its disposal.
Use of the website: CMN ONLINE. shall not, in any case, be responsible for the errors or damages caused by the improper and malicious use of the service by the User. Furthermore, CMN ONLINE. shall not be responsible for the larger or smaller consequences due to the lack of communication between CMN ONLINE. and the User when it is due to the functioning of the email provided or the inaccuracy of the data provided by the User when registering as a user at hotro@cmn.vn
Responsibility: CMN ONLINE assumes the responsibilities that may arise as a result of providing the services that it offers in the limits and as specified in these User Terms and Conditions.
7. Responsibility for losses and damages
The User shall be held responsible for not meeting any of its obligations to which it is bound by virtue of these User Terms and Conditions or the law in regards to using the Services.
CMN ONLINE does not guarantee the availability and continued functioning of the Services. When it is reasonably possible, CMN ONLINE shall provide advanced notice of any interruptions in the provision of the Services. CMN ONLINE does not assume any responsibility for any types of losses and damages that may result due to the lack of availability or continuity of the provision of the Services, or due to a suspension of the service.
CMN ONLINE is not obligated to control how the Users use the Services. In particular, CMN ONLINE does not guarantee that the Users will use the Services in accordance with these User Terms and Conditions, nor that they will use the Services in a diligent manner. CMN ONLINE is neither obligated to verify the identity of the Users nor the accuracy, currentness, thoroughness and/or authenticity of the data that the Users provide about themselves to other Users. In any case, CMN ONLINE stores the data and information that the current laws require.
CMN ONLINE reserves the right to refuse use of the Services and to withhold the information, data and content published, at any time and without prior warning to those Users who do not fulfill these User Terms and Conditions.
8. Privacy and personal data protection
By providing an email address or other personal data, which is a requirement that is necessary in order to access certain services, the users give their permission so that these addresses may be handled and also used to send business communications to promote and advertise the services and products offered by CMN ONLINE. CMN ONLINE offers users the following email address hotro@cmn.vn, so that they may withdraw the consent that they have given, in addition to exercising the right to access, rectify, cancel or object to the data, as guaranteed under current laws.
9. Industrial and intellectual property
The content provided by CMN ONLINE. are subject to intellectual and industrial property rights and are the exclusive property of CMN ONLINE or of the physical persons or legal entities that are informed. By purchasing a product or contracting a service, CMN ONLINE does not confer the buyer any right to alter, use, copy, distribute or openly communicate about said product or service, and all of the rights are reserved by CMN ONLINE The transfer of the aforementioned rights shall require the prior written consent by the owner of these rights, such that the client may not disclose such content to third parties.
The intellectual property also applies to the content included in CMN ONLINE, to its graphics, logos, designs, images and source codes used for its programming.
CMN ONLINE reserves the power to modify, suspend, cancel or restrict the content of the Website, the links or the information obtained through the Website, without being required to provide prior notice. In no case shall CMN ONLINE assume any responsibility as a consequence of any incorrect use of the Website that may be made by the user, both in terms of the information as well as the services contained on it.
In no case shall CMN ONLINE, its subsidiaries and/or work sites, its directors and/or proxies, employees and, in general, the authorized personnel be held liable for any type of damage, losses, claims or expenses of any kind, regardless of whether they directly or indirectly result from the use and/or diffusion of the Website and the Information acquired or gained by or through the Website, or from its computer virus, operative failures or interruptions in the service or transmission or failures in the line in the use of the Website, both by direct connection as well as by link or other means, constituting, for all legal intents and purposes, a warning to any user that these possibilities and events may occur.
CMN ONLINE shall not be held responsible for the third party websites that may be accessed through linking or links, or any content published by third parties. Any use of a link or access to a third party Website shall be made at the exclusive freewill and risk of the user. CMN ONLINE does not recommend or guarantee any of the Information obtained by or through a link, nor shall it be responsible for any loss, claim or damage resulting from the use or misuse of a link, or from the Information obtained through the link, including other links or webs, or the interruption in the service or in the access, or the attempt to use or misuse a link, both by connecting to the Website of CMN ONLINE, as well as by accessing the information of other websites from said company’s website.
At certain times, this Website uses “Cookies”, that is, small data files that are generated on the user’s computer and which enable obtaining the following information: 1) Date and time of when the user last visited the Website; 2) Design and content that the user chose on its first visit to the Website; 3) Security elements that affect the control of access to restricted areas; and 4) Other similar circumstances. If you decide to prevent ‘cookies’ from being created, you will not be able to register to use the content on our website.
This Website is the property of CMN ONLINE. The intellectual property rights and rights to use and copy this Website, its pages, screens, the Information that they contain, their appearance and design, as well as the hyperlinks that link to other websites of any subsidiary company and/or controlled company of CMN ONLINE, are the exclusive property of the CMN ONLINE, unless expressly stated otherwise. Any name, design and/or logo, as well as any product or service offered and indicated on this website, are trademarks duly registered by CMN ONLINE by its subsidiary companies and/or controlled companies or by third parties. Any improper use thereof by anyone other than their legitimate owner and without the express and explicit consent by the Company may be reported and pursued by all legal means that exist within the body of laws in Spain and/or in the EU.

The intellectual property rights and trademarks of third parties are prominently highlighted and must be respected by anyone who accesses this page, without CMN ONLINE. being held liable for any use that the User may make of said intellectual property and trademarks. That is, each individual shall be exclusively liable for such use.
The contents of any page of this website may be downloaded, copied or printed only for personal and private use. It is prohibited to copy, transfer, modify or eliminate information, content or disclaimers from this Website without the prior written authorization of CMN ONLINE
11. Nullity and unenforceability of the Clauses
If any clause included in these General Terms and Conditions should be declared null or unenforceable, whether entirely or partially, said nullity or unenforceability shall only affect that provision or the part of it that is deemed null or unenforceable, with the General Terms and Conditions prevailing in all other matters, and said provision or part of it that has been affected shall be considered to have been removed.